What is the BEST PC TV Program?

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What is the BEST PC TV Program?

Recently I made the Jump from Cable to Netflix Streaming Videos, and Blockbuster (But Blockbuster seems to still be working out the Bugs in their Website), but a few years back I used a Program called PCSHOWBUZZ and it worked pretty good for a while, but then I had to download a bunch of patches just to get it to work, then finally the Company wanted me to Purchase a NEW version of the Program stating they no longer Supported the Old Version. (Wonder where they got THAT idea from?)

Anyways I tried going around the web in Search of PC TV Programs and the only thing I learned was how many of those kind of Websites have Viruses and Bugs implanted in their Websites for Driveby Downloads!

But I AM in the market to buy one of those Programs, but I am tired of using a Search Engine to look for things anymore, because half of the stuff listed in a Search Engine is either Crap, or will give you Crap in Mal-ware.

Does anyone know of a Review that a Tech Site did on PC TV Software? With reliable LINKS in it?

As soon as I finish this I think my next move is going to be to check out Cnet. They usually have some pretty good stuff there. But incase one of you know about a particular program other than PCSHOWBUZZ, (Cause I already tried that one) I would give it a 5 out of 10.

Let me know if you can point me in the right direction.