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what is worm_autorun.deep?

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As for the worm itself, these types of malware are not typically "destructive" but generally are used to grab user details such as login IDs, banking information, ID theft, etc. Autorun is a normal part of windows, but the worm generally places itself in a seperate folder from the normal OS file. The name of the Windows executable being forged is wuauclt.exe, which is normally located in the C:\Windows folder. It can also be found in folders such as the "prefetch" and recovery folders ("i386"). The worm will create a folder in the "Program Files" directory tree, sometimes named C:\Program Files\Microsoft Common\, and place the malware executable in this folder.
You might want to boot the computer in Safe Mode, then run a scan with MalwareBytes Antimalware and another antivirus to see if the worm is detected.
As for your battery, it is probably time to replace it.