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What IT profession should I go for?

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I'm in my mid 20's and have been working in IT since I was 18. If you've only been working for a year, I wouldn't stress too much about specialising just yet. You're still in the honeymoon phase where everything seems really exciting and interesting, so you don't want to get too excited about specialising and then realise twelve months down the track that you're bored with it. Once you've specialised it's very hard to back track unless you're happy taking a signifcant pay cut to do so.
My advice would be to:
- Keep generalising until you're sure you've found something you love.
- Once you begin specialising, try to keep involved in other technologies as well. E.g. if you do Cisco networking, offer to assist with VMWare networking or DNS etc.
- Don't worry about what everyone else is doing. They're at a different point in their career.
- Do a certification and/or a degree. You don't need a degree for most technical jobs but it does make you stand out, and many companies have a degree as a requirement.
- Don't job hop. So many professionals start specialising and want $$$ straight away so they leave for another company. It doesn't look good on the resume and you won't get a chance to improve your companies technology, you'll only get the chance to bandaid it and move on. Make a significant different with your company, build some good relationships then move on when you're ready.