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What kind of profession should I go for?

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Ron K.

The job market is pretty horrible, to say the least. You might want to consider what I recommend to young men and women, join the Services. <br>
People generally just think of the Army, Navy, Air Farce (typo) and Marines while completely forgetting about the Coast Guard. <br>
Coast Guard personnel get the exact same training/schooling after bootcamp if they have a crossover specialty with the US Navy. That means that if electronics was your field you'd likely study at a Navy school. <br>
From what I've seen, if you're good at something when you join the service in that field and stay at the top 10% of your class at every level you're offered the best training on the latest equipment. <br>
In the Coast Guard you're less likely to get your *** shot off than in any of the other Armed Forces, generally speaking. <br>
Another thing to consider is that the Armed Forces are a career opportunity as well. <br>
You can save for college or take college courses while you're enlisted.<br>
I also coach/urge/tell young people that the BEST way to join the Armed Forces is as an officer. Check out the officer candidate programs. If you have a Bachelor's degree and are in good health you may qualify for the OCS (Officer's Candidate School) short-program. <br>
My uncle was an E-9 in the Coast Guard while also serving as an intelligence officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence and he was a Boatswains Mate! You think of them as just knowing about knots and crap but it's much moire than that. Him and his wife both retired from the Coast Guard, got good government jobs and retired from those too. They call people like that double-dippers, I think. <br>
No one ever listens to me though. Not yet. They're ignorant. They don't KNOW what the services offer. <br>
I was just kidding a friend (if he reads this) about the Air Force. They are definitely worth considering too. Their training can translate well into civilian life but you can't slack off. Every person I've ever met from the Air Force was doing their damndest to get ahead, learn more, be somebody. I'm sure that they have their slack-offs too but I've never met one. <br>
The Armed Forces are becoming more computerized by the minute. If you don't have a criminal record, are good, study hard and get GREAT grades you'd be likely to see systems that the civilian sector won't see for awhile yet. Just one example-the government was into solid-state drives years ago when they cost thousands and thousands. <br>
If you're good enough, get a bachelors degree while enlisted, you can always join one of the alphabet soup group after your enlistment. I'm talking about the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS or something. If you're really good THEY will recruit YOU.<br>
Just think about it. Look up the training that you can receive WHILE GETTING PAID for it. <br>
BTW-The US Navy's Submarine Service has the best food of all of the Services. No lie. It's much better than Bob Evans! Eating well is a part of the job. :) <br>