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What kind of profession should I go for?

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Hi Codie, being an IT Consultant requires more than working with the PC's, or course the expertise will dictate your success, but enroll in your own business will take time, dedication, money, long hours and a lot of PR and networking. The easy part is the computers. Getting clients is difficult and costly, keeping them is a challenge too. I would recommend you becoming a business man in the way you think first, this way you will have the know how to get and keep clients, make strategies to create customer service and marketing. A lot of techs don't have success because they don't know how to treat people, if you do the opposite you will succeed.

If you want to work for a company, then put all your efforts on getting education, certifications and credentials. Getting the experience is uphill, because nobody wants to open positions for inexperience prospects but applying for low level jobs will get you there eventually.

Good luck