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What Linux distro for VERY old iBook and iMac's?

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For machines that old don't you need a PowerPC distribution? If that's correct, the only suggestion that will work so far is FreeBSD, because it's the only one mentioned that has a PowerPC edition (although it's not Linux but another member of the Unix and Unix-like family).

Some distributions that are available for PowerPC are:

(PowerPC is no longer officially supported, but it is unofficially supported even to the point of the current 12.04 Beta being available.)

(You will find the PowerPC edition right in among the others in the iso folder of any download mirror, either as two CDs or one DVD.)

(PowerPC is just one of the many architectures supported.)

Yellow Dog Linux
(You need a DVD-ROM drive for the DVD image that they offer.)

Ubuntu is up to date and easy, but is not the fastest distro. Yellow Dog is stable, but not usually terribly up to date. Debian Stable is very stable and has a lot of packages available, but is not terribly up to date. You could of course try Testing or SId for more current software. Frugalware is pretty up to date and well supported, but it doesn't have the same extent of packages that Debian and Ubuntu have (it's a nice distribution though).