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What should be my top concerns for being the only IT person?

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Tony Hopkinson

Good points
Loads of stuff to learn and do, a great deal of implicit authority, you can really put your stamp on the place.

Bad points.
You never know enough, rarely any explicit authority, learn how to say no constructively, you become indispensable, always on call, expected to respond immediately and management will resent you like crazy.

I learnt more doing it, and did more than any other point in my career, they binned me without a second thought as soon as I trained up a suitable replacement to keep the job ticking over, once I'd got systems in place for just about everything.

As well as learning how to say no, find ways to say yes, soon. Automation, preventative maintenance, get efficient.

I really enjoyed setting things up to my own satisfaction, I jumped up and down on a lot of toes to do it though, and the limping f'kers paid me back eventually.

Key point if you go for it, make sure they'll let you do the job, if some MBA type twonk is going to be seciond guessing you all the time (feel free to rephrase at the interview )
don't touch it with somebody elses...