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What should be my top concerns for being the only IT person?

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Cudmasters Los

I am the only it person at my company. when i first started i only knew how to map drives, fix a printer here and there. but now, being able to work by myself, with no one watching over me, possible being kept from working on certain projects. We have gone from 1 location, to 5 locations, i am still the only it person., life saver. Since i have started, i have set up a terminal server, domain controller,ftp site, set up 3 cisco 1800 routers, installing sql server 2008r2, updating servers to r2, working on installing exchange server, have a site to site vpn, and like the post before, put a stamp on my entire network community. All from, buy the videos, teaches alot.
What bothers me the most is i do not speak the it language. So speaking to an IT person, it could be thought that i don't know what i'm doing, but put me inftont of a computer, that's a diffrent story. Tony Hopkinson definately explained the overall reality to a tee. I just got lucky, my suggestion, take it, you instantly have something to put on your resume, and i can not put into words how much you will learn, BECAUSE YOU WILL BE FORCED TO, WHICH IS A GOOD THING!!!!! Meaning you will want people to know that you know what you are doing.
I have a good personality, but you have to be carefull, people do not understand IT, they think if your IT, you are supposed to know every single thing about every dept. because they don't understand how complex computers are, they are perfect, and they should NEVER have a problem. Like i wrote before, on what i can do, if i can't connect a laptop to a projector quickly, knowing that every manufacturer syncs up diffrently, then in the employees eyes, you don't know what your doing at all in your feild. Frustrating!!! I can go on and on about the negatives, but in the long run, my knowlege is becoming greater and greater. It's a good assumption that the employees views will never change, i.e. alot of GOOD doctors "don't know what they are doing in patients, family and freinds eyes".

Hope this helps.