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What should be my top concerns for being the only IT person?

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Basic Info I'd Ask for (similar to Site Survey)
- HOW MANY USERS will be supported (industry standard is 1 tech to 50 - 100 users)
- map of network (should include connection types, i.e. DSL, fractional T1, etc. & bandwidth)
- ISP (internet provider)
- what type of router, switches, firewall will be supported
- how many nodes (PC, laptop, printer, misc. devices) are to be supported
- O/S server platform (version & service pack)
- client O/S & service pack (XP? Win7? Mac OSX?)
- list of applications and versions supported
- what functions do the different depts. do
- what measures are in place for disaster recovery (backup you mentioned; antivirus/internet filtering are important also)
- is there vendor support in place for proprietary systems
- is there budget $$ for additional consulting support ( you will need this at some point)
- will YOU have some control over your budget
- how much user training will you be expected to provide

So much happens in a one person show. I am "IT" right now for a complex law enforcement environment. I've also done site surveys as a consultant, and you can never get too much info before taking on a job. Get a good description of the duties you will be expected to perform, and ask what the biggest challenge is currently - or, if there are plans for any major upgrade.
Forewarned is forearmed. the company culture is important also - pick your friend's brain as to what the heirarchy is and how knowledgable the users are. This is only a start - go with your gut. I did an interview for a peach of a job (supposedly) and interviewed with the manager and a minion, both exhausted, distracted, and on edge. That's all I needed to see to say no.