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What should be my top concerns for being the only IT person?

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The phone interview went ok. and like you said, they know it is a nightamare. most of the questions that I asked didnt have answers. It sounds like support and budget will be there. Their current IT person is a bad stereotypical IT person, who holds all the keys, and knows it, and does not interract well with others. They do want someone that they can bring to the executive staff to speak with others, and they can't do that with what they currently have. The company is a non profit organization, so a lot of their computers are old and struggling. This is what the HR director told me. She is not sure how data backups are performed, or even if they are. documentation of the current network seems light, if any.
And i have my doubts about my abilities to deliver. like someone had mentioned before, going into the mix, they knew xx and yy and now know the whole alphabet. i am comfortable with exchange, and ADUC, i know a decent amount of server 2008, and its uses, and then all the day to day little things. i don't think they are going to be needing anything too intensive for hardware. They are also in the middle of going paperless for their customer information, and need to make sure they have someone that can work with outsiders being brought in.
on top of all that, it would require me to move. cost of living is different, so the comparitive salary, is decent, but does not sound worth it from my compensation currently at this time. (i haven't tried any negotiation yet. i dont want to ask for money, unless i feel comfortable that I am a good match for them). Again, thanks for all the feedback.