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What should be my top concerns for being the only IT person?

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Tony Hopkinson

Stay at the forefront of technology...

More like figure out how to get another month or two out of this here aging crap.

In a one man shop there are only two ways to move forward techwise.

The wheels completely come off, this will be viewed as a miserable failure on your part, your warnings of impending disaster will be deemed as not strident enough.
They'll probably outsource to clueless cowboys, give you no oversight and you'll be left with a pile of undocumented low quality drivel to maintain.

Or you piggy back via efficiency, resiliency, ie make use of the fact that you aren't really superman.

There is no preparation for one man shop, it is always being thrown in the deep end, attitude then aptitude will be the way to go, and you'll never get the former as a departmental drone.