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What should be my top concerns for being the only IT person?

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True, obviously, being a one man shop, I am the IT Director, and the level 1 helpdesk associate. So the room for growth really isnt there. Is it wrong to view this challenge as a resmue builder? Are IT jobs still based on gaining experience and growing out of the company? Please don't take that as me being undedicated to my company. I worked at my last one for eight years, and moved my way up some ranks, got laid off, and then got this job, and I have learned much more in this IT position than in the last. But ten years down the road, I don't want to still be a helpdesk technician. Being with the company for ten years is ok. I am not even looking at other jobs, this one just kind of fell in my lap, and I can't make the determination in my mind yet if i am experienced enough to be what this company needs. Growth here or there seems to be the same. Money here and there seem to be about the same. I can get more guided experience here, I can get a larger variety of experience over there, but it will be me teaching me. Being the guy that does everything at the company, is the experience gained worth it on my resume? Am I in the wrong frame of mind just to look for employment as experience for the next place? Having been laid off before, and almost being laid off two other times, i realize the volatility of IT, and that nothing seems to last forever.