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What should be my top concerns for being the only IT person?

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I spoke with HR manager about that exact question, and she gave me some answers. part of it seems like he got along with the old CFO, who was fired for overstepping his boundaries, and not including anyone, including the CEO, about what the plans were. So there is a lot of change going on. HR said that most days, he just sits there and plays solitaire. on her first day of meeting him, he had accused her of being incompetent. He is a retired Navy veteran, who is technically proficient, just socially inept.
It doesnt seem like they are all that busy. i was able to look at a network map, and they have five remote locations with 2-4 workstations in them each, and they are connected with some WAN link to the central office. They have 180 employees, but no where that many work stations.
to me, it seems that he may have had a self fulfilling prohpecy. He may be difficult to deal with because he feels excluded and unrespected amongst his peers. His exclusion is based on his inability to communicate well with others and not belittle them.
But, on a positive note, i spoke with the HR director. The current IT guy is going on vacation shortly, and I suggested that she have one of her IT acquaintences come in, and survey what they have, and what needs to be done, and then talk to me, to see if i would be a good fit. She doesnt know what they need, just that I came with good recommendations from friends, who also don't really know what is needed in IT.