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what to write applications in if not vb6?

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... but is there some reason why you're forced to change what you have? If VB6 works, what's your gain for the pain?

There are probably a couple of million good reasons to upgrade stuff, not the least of which is folks like me make a living by recreating stuff in a new framework, but from what you've given, there's no clear purpose here. You have something that apparently is compatible with every current OS. Are you adding functions? Is the app unstable? Are you anticipating VISTA II/III/...?

As you may figure out, picking a language/platform is a religious experience. Do not be discouraged if you get lots of personal opinions (including mine) that don't clear the air. The bottom line is, it doesn't matter what tools you use, if the product does what you want it to do. If you have a clear plan and goals for change, you might get responses with a lot more focus.

For the most part, all modern tools (including VB6) can do most anything you can imagine. So I ask again... what's wrong with what you have?