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What will happen if i directly unplugged my DSL?

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I guess more information on your connection would help with this as there are multiple ways to connect DSL to a computer or multiple computers. If you are using USB to connect the modem to your computer then you will likely have what is refered to as a PPPoE shim to essentialy dial and authenticate your connection although technically its not really dialing its just authenticating. So moving on if this is your connection type then yes you would want to disconnect and then use the Safely Remove Hardware applet that is in the systray to safely remove the USB device.
If you are just using a router to share your connection then really no reason to perform any steps to disconnect a computer from it. If you are unplugging it from the wall or your DSL filters then I would also have to ask why? It isn't really necessary unless you think it provides you with a better security option and in that case I would put it on a surge strip with a switch or just disconnect the power.
Anyhow perhaps you can provide us with more details of what you have and what you are trying to accomplish so we can better answer your question.