Whats a good Cocktail?

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Whats a good Cocktail?

So where I work we use what we call the Cocktail when we reinstall an operating system, or just when we build a system, and we are trying to make it the best group of software we can get, I will list all of the things we use and why we use them, and if you have anything you think we should change or if there is something out there that you don't think I don't know about PLEASE post!! (all software in our cocktail is FREEWARE)

1. Mozilla Firefox - Internet Browsing
2. Adobe Reader/Player - Self Explanatory
3. OpenOffice - Free MS Word
4. VLC Media Player - the codec/good player
5. AVG - Anti Virus
6. ADAWARE - Anti Adaware
7. Spybot - Anti Spyware
8. Malwarebytes - antimalware/scan and remove viruses

Once again if you know of any other good things, please post!!