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What's best for my notebook?

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You mean getting a new laptop, no?

If yours is a Pentium, of course an i5 would not be a plug-in replacement for that.

Regardless of the load on the laptop, it should be able to run all day long at 100% processor utilization, as long as the airflow is not blocked and the ambient temperature is not extreme. I would look into whether your fan is not working properly or the air intake is blocked by dust.

A SSD will not provide a substantial performance benefit for CAD.

It would be best to run CAD on a desktop PC with a powerful graphics card, and if you are stuck with using a laptop, then the graphics capability built into a 'gaming' laptop may be the best choice. You need RAM, lots of it, and to use all that RAM you need a 64 bit OS of some sort.

CAD programs only tend to depend upon the speed of the hard drive when opening the file, and when performing an operation (such as rendering a solid) that uses more RAM than is available, then the machine will start using the hard drive as virtual memory (which is slow, whether it is a SSD or not).