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What's better an Associate IT degree or Certs?

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Hi Gus. I'm sorry I'm late to the discussion.

I have to say that I've been very lucky up to now. While I was working on my Associate's degree, I was lucky early on in my studies to get a workstudy position in the college's IS dept doing helpdesk work in the main computer lab. I did that the entire time I worked on my degree. Also at the same time, I going into the CCNA program as well. So, with all that, I was able to put into practice experience what I was learning.

Before I decided to work on an Associate's degree, I actually started out working on a Bachelor's in Computer Science, but I decided to take a step back. So, after the Associate's, I went back to working on my Bachelor's and lucky enough, I was able to get a part-time job in my campuses Computer Services Dept doing helpdesk work. Which a few years later, lead me to another job at another college doing helpdesk work, but it allowed me to branch off into more networking, programming and database work, which I had never done before. Then..that lead me into other jobs working in the data center environment and systems installation. All of this while I am still in school.

Did my certification help me more than my Associate's degree. I would tend to say no. because my experience was strong to go along with my education. And also the area and state I live in (South Carolina) isn't a big IT state. So, it's hard to find persons such as myself to have the combination of knowledge and experience or even have one or the other.

So, it just depends on many variables to say if an Associate's trumps a cert or vice versa.