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Where can I find NAT?

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Network Address Translation. You won't find this term in your computer manual. It is a feature of firewalls. The important detail is that you seem to understand that your computer is acting as a bridge -- a bridge that joins two networks. The first network lives off your ethernet port and has two members: your computer and your XBOX 360. The second network lives off your wireless controller and has two members that you care about: your computer and XBOX Live. I believe the Windows command you want is ipconfig. That will show you that the ethernet port has one address and the wireless controller has a different address. Your XBOX communicates through your computer to reach XBOX Live. Your computer translates addresses to make this happen. What your computer apparently will not do is translate from XBOX Live to your XBOX 360. You need somebody who understands networks to help you from here. They have to know what ports XBOX Live uses, what ports XBOX 360 uses, and how the translation between those two settings has to be done. If you go to Wikipedia and search for "Network Address Translation", you will get a good (although somewhat technical) explanation of NAT.