Where Can i get The Software

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Where Can i get The Software


I have this Magnetic Stripe card Reader that i got from a friend , i want to use it to clone my student card, but the proble i dont have the software to do it, here are the details of the device

Manufacture: Posiflex

Name: MR2000 Series, 1/2 TRACKS,Kb WEDGE(ISO) MR -2000-PS2

Can anyone help please, i have tried checking posiflex but i only got the drivers but not the software to correctly capture card information or write onto the cards.
i tried the following Softwares but they are not Compatible, IDTech Minimag, JavaPos, OPOs, T
Thank you
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So you're asking to do something illegal, but you seem intent on convincing us that you obtained this device legally.

You have posted the serial number of the device, which now ties you back to the missing card reader from the cafeteria.... :)

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Aside from the legal and other issues, you have the wrong device.

You have a card reader! A reader cannot write to the magnetic strip and create a new card.

In order to protect the security of the system / institution, the manufactures do not make the writer easy to obtain.