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Which is the best LAPTOP brand to use for home use

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Before selecting home laptops, first understand your needs, for example:
• how will you most often use the computer--email, Web only, or will you use other programs/applications like Quicken, spreadsheets, documents and presentations?
• do you need a keyboard for the applications that you will use?
• do you need to run business apps occasionally, and/or use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access your work computer?
• how much computer speed do you need--will you run multiple applications that take a lot of resources?
• would Cloud applications like Google Apps or Office 360 meet your needs?
• is computer weight important?
• how tech-savvy are you--is a relatively maintenance-free device important?

I could go on and on with the questions... but here are your main choices:
1. a tablet without a keyboard if your primary use is Web browsing and email.
2. a ChromeBook if you will always have WiFi available and can do all your work in the Cloud.
3. a small Mac with a solid state hard drive, pricey but relatively maintenance-free.
4. a Windows PC/tablet hybrid like the Lenovo.
5. a Windows PC-based NetBook.

Hope this helps.