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Which is the best LAPTOP brand to use for home use

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This is always a loaded question. You'll get responses from people that have had horror stories with good brands, or can't stop gushing about a brand that is usually garbage. I have a pretty standard response, though.

My fall-backs are HP and Toshiba. You usually can't go wrong with either of them. If you have the extra cash, an IBM-branded laptop by Lenovo is just as good or better. If you're on a budget, Dell and Acer are viable alternatives. Their build quality is good and they have decent support, but it's like buying a Chrysler car. I won't recommend them, but I won't laugh at you for buying one, either. Although Asus is an up-and-comer, I usually won't recommend laptops by the brand-name motherboard vendors. At least not by mainstream users. Unless they have a good support program and depot in North America, you may be looking at shipping overseas to get it repaired. Never worth the hassle.