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Which is the best LAPTOP brand to use for home use

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you are asking this question, means you are not a tech man . then you will just use and forget, drop or spill on your laptop.

better get an i3 fujetso siemens or any siemens made in germany laptop. other laptops are now made in china = small eyed people= missing some parts (they say=not me ) .

my amilo 1.8 single core win xp is since 2003 and is the one i respond to you now . my acer core2 dou swivel front camera= sitting only in my house= sleeps with him my 320GB files since 2010 until end of the world.

your data is more important than your laptop=after 5years. fixing is very expensive and data hacks are possible.

siemens are priced same as china or thai laptops. shop on... its my help .