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Which is the best LAPTOP brand to use for home use

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I'm running a 13", i5 MacPro Laptop right now, with a Win7 Pro OS running concurrently under Parallels Desktop. I also have an XP Pro partition to use if needed.
It's connected to a 23" monitor and wireless k/b and mouse.
I love it.
Buying a refurbished machine saved me about $200, with the same warranty and life expectancy.
The issue I have with current Mac laptops, is Apple's strategy to solder in RAM, making it too difficult to upgrade yourself.
I purchased the last of the older models, which has easily upgradeable RAM and HDD.
It's now running 16GB RAM and a 1TB HDD.
If you can get one of these, I highly recommend it.
Otherwise, pretty much any Apple laptop is a solid performer.
I have an 11" G4 Mac laptop that is still going strong.