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Well, I agree with wizard57 above about *first* using a LiveCD/LiveDVD/LiveUSB for the different ones you want to take a good look at and try booting and just running them first from the CD/DVD/USB and see if you like the feel of the particular distro.

As far as which ones to take a look at first? Well, let's go over what is popular amongst linux users as it stands. From the 2012 Member's Choice Awards, the top 5 Linux Distributions for the Desktop (voted by those that use them regularly) are:

1. Slackware
2. Ubuntu
3. Linux Mint
4. Debian
5. Fedora

And, as a last note, for those just getting started in linux, I found a particular distro that really impressed me with it's ease of use and functionality; Sabayon. ( )

Hope that helps and welcome to the community.