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Which Linux Distro Can I

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You should try no less than 4 or 5 LiveCD Distro's before choosing one. A lot will depend on interaction with your systems specific hardware. This will become clear while booting from LiveCD as opposed to loading it on your system, until sure.

After that it depends on what you want. I ultimately chose Debian with LXDE (Lightweight Desktop Environment) because I simply did not want all of the clutter, and junk which allows for a Windows like environment. I wanted to learn command line, and my system agrees with the scaled-down approach. The other desktop environment choices for Debian would be KDE, and Gnome.

People complain because Debian/Stable does so few updates. I prefer this because oftentimes updates break your system, regardless which distro.

Also, if you need gaming or graphics be sure to put each livecd to that test.