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I should have mentioned that after trying LiveCD or USB sticks to choose the most comfortable desktop, I recommend that your first installation should be a Virtual Machine. VirtualBox works great for this in a Windows environment.

Assuming you have adequate disk space for the VM, this will allow to to actually use the package management system, do system configuration and maintenance, and other tasks in addition to just using the applications without fear of "hosing things up". It IS possible to hose your system if you do the wrong thing when logged in as root, but in a VM you can just revert to an earlier snapshot for a quick restore.

It also frees you from any concerns about HW compatibility. I haven't encountered any issues like this for a few years, but it CAN happen. And it's not something you want to deal with when first trying to learn how to use a new OS.

After confirming which desktop and distro best suits you, then installing that combo on real hardware will be much easier and feel much more normal. If you do encounter any problems, you'll be much better prepared to deal with them.