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Which Linux Distro Can I

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Ubuntu, Mint, or Peppermint. Go to the respective site, and download and burn the LiveCD. Then boot your existing computer to the LiveCD. Linux will start. You can get a feel for it, but it will be a little slow. Also, no changes you make will exist after you shut down the computer, as everything is running on the CD or in memory.

If you have access to an old computer, you can install either of these in less than 20 minutes. You may be surprised at how easy it is and how nicely it works with your printer and so fourth.

The next step would be to install one of these as a dual boot on your windows computer. Boot to the LiveCD. Click on install Linux. The installer will find your Windows partition and ask if you want to keep it. Make sure to read about how dual boot works with your chosen distribution first.

Mint and Peppermint are two of the Ubuntu based distributions. I like Peppermint, it loads fast and works with older equipment. My Peppermint machine is a Dell 610 that is almost 7 years old with 1Gb of ram.

Mint will provide you with a full fledged desktop experience. Ubuntu will as well. For all three, "Ubuntu how do I ____" in Google is about as far as you have to go for help. The Ubuntu help forums are great.