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Which UPS to buy?

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OH Smeg

Wattage is just a measure of available power. So if you have a choice between a 50 W and a 1200W the 1200W will run the system for much longer at the stated voltage.

What you have to watch out for is Battery Life in any UPS so you want one with Good Batteries not cheap nasty batteries and ideally Jell Cell Batteries which will not leak in the event of the outer casing being broken.

As for what you listed above it's OK and will give a reasonable amount of time on Battery but to be perfectly honest I'm not sure that it will be much of a Filter to absorb Power Surges and to be perfectly honest if you spoke to Dell you should expect them to recommend something that they sell. Doesn't mean it's better just that they will make money out of the sale.

You should look at local Sellers in your area and see what if anything that they have available. Of course APC UPS's are the best available but they will cost you for the privilege.