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Who can tell me which is the best Antivirus right now?

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On my XP machines I use Microsoft Security essentials, Zonealarm free as wall, and SuperAntiSpyware to clean up. MSE is slow but uses little in way of resources, and has been efficient. Zfree has always done a good job for me, and SAS is the most agressive malware detection and removal tool of all I've tried. They pick up what Malwarebytes misses.
On my win7 machine I found zfree and mse to be incompatible, and caused w7 to shut down about every 20 mins. I broke down and spent 29.95 for Vipre's Suite and it's OK for low priced all around protection. But I still sweep with SAS on win 7 after a prolonged browsing session, or at the end of a day. The free version requires manual updates and has no realtime protection, but my Vipre suite takes care of that, and two real time protection applications is very likely to cause problems.

I've used avg in the past, before switching to MSE, and found it to be slow, buggy, and a resource hog..