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Who can tell me which is the best Antivirus right now?

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The first rule in IT...however, I don't think I would get into a 'heated argument' with a client I care to keep. lol That being said, if you work in IT and you have a client that has hired you for your expertise, I would kindly remind them of that. "You hired me for expert advice, based on what I know about your needs and my knowledge on these products, this is what I recommend and why." I agree you shouldn't dismiss a #1 seller, but if you have a list of what you would recommend, be prepared to back that up with knowledge of the product. Which to be honest, if you had it, I don't think you would be asking what the best was on this thread. :) Many of the clients I work with have limited funding so I always test and recommend freeware. I also consider who owns the software and what their plan for development is for the future. I would recommend based on the OS they have and their internet behaviors because Antivirus behaves differently based on that and the version. AVAST is a top contender with MSE as a good backup. Avira would be excellent had they not mucked up with the recent controversy, not to mention the clunky interface, no email scanning ability and 'nag-vertisements'. It is also tough for clients that use dated computers with little RAM. AVG will probably top my list come October with an excellent new release. Yes, it is Czech owned, so no federal endorsements there, but most smaller organizations won't care of such things. Hope this was informative. Good Luck!