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Who can tell me which is the best Antivirus right now?

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You're question reminds me of another: "How long is a piece of thread?" There are so many variables the question is impossible to answer.

That said, for years Trend Micro and F-Secure have topped my list because they get results and have decent management consoles though, admittedly, Symantec Corporate and Microsoft ForeFront have better management consoles. If she has a large network a decent management console is a huge win for everyone.

I shy away from the top sales leaders because those are the anti-virus solutions most targeted by viruses. Symantec lets more viruses by not because it isn't a good antivirus, but because the virus creators know how to get around or defeat Symantec's approach.

Some good free anti-virus solutions have been mentioned, like Avira and even Security Essentials, but keep in mind there is no management tool for these and you are depending on clients to run scans and updates (never a good thing).

The very best anti-virus of them all, however, is education. Educate users how to identify bad software, to stay away from suspect sites, to not accept toolbars with other software downloads, how to identify phishing emails and links, and what to do if they think a virus is trying to gain access to their PC.

Another comment mentioned the need to start with good hardware configuration, which is paramount. Network security against malware really does need to be tackled from every angle. If Kaspersky fits your clients needs from a software perspective and is something you can support, then by all means don't give any push back. But if the network environment would be better served by another product, then help her understand why and she may just come around to your way of thinking.