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Why does Windows 7 64-bit stop responding?

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OldER Mycroft

I'm a little concerned as to which abbreviations you're using here. I'm assuming that by "3 MB" you actually mean 3 GB and that "2 MG" actually means 2 GB.

So you are actually running Windows 7 64-bit with THREE GIGABYTES of system RAM, supplementing that with a USB ReadyBoost of TWO GIGABYTES.

According to Microsoft's own specification, ReadyBoost should be employed to act within set parameters. These parameters range between 1:1 up to 2.5:1 meaning that the ReadyBoost should at least match the system RAM going up to two and a half times system RAM.

If your system RAM was 1GB you could employ ReadyBoost of between 1GB up to 2.5GB.

Therefore with THREE GIGABYTES of system RAM, you ought to have AT LEAST THREE GIGABYTES of ReadyBoost. - You don't.

I'd take a stab in the dark and suggest that the imbalance between system RAM and ReadyBoost is what's causing the intermittent slowdowns because the system is expecting RAM to be present within the ReadyBoost but when it can't find it, it has to commit to system RAM which requires a sudden shift through the Pagefile, shifting data in the process.

I'd also be interested to know how your 3GB of system RAM is configured because there's not any formulation of RAM sticks that I can think of that would allow you to get the benefit of dual channel RAM, if you only have 3GB (you ought to have 4GB made up of 2 matching sticks of 2GB each AT LEAST).

Try running your system for a couple of hours WITHOUT the Ready Boost USB stick inserted. It'll run slightly slower overall but if it doesn't stop intermittently - there's your answer.

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