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Why does Windows 7 64-bit stop responding?

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2.5 GB's RAM Terminology Correction: This answers a whole lot of problems listed on this page (including Why does Windows 7 64-bit stop responding?): Here's the short of it: DELL should NEVER have put together & sold computers/Lap Tops with Windows 7, running x64 based, with only 2.5GB's RAM available memory! It doesn't work if your a true professional is running several software items -- even with Terra GB's! It's like selling a Bus that runs on a Golf Cart engine! It's like getting stuck in the mud with a Ford 350 Diesel Engine that can pull 20,000 pounds, but doesn't have 4 wheel drive! We've been dooped! Get your money back! or (if you have terra GB's Storage) Get a free 18 + GB RAM Chip installed at one of there stores/repair stores!