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Why does Windows 7 64-bit stop responding?

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Several things may be contributing to this 'stalling'.
1) Get rid of the ReadyBoost. Even if it was upped to 4 gig there is little chance the memory does any good. Small, cheap flash drive might meet the minimum ReadyBoost certification standards (barely) and won't do you a lot of good due to USB transfer limitations. They are no substitute for bus connected physical memory.
2) Dell should not have offered or installed a memory mismatch. Pull ALL the memory and install 'matched' memory modules. Check the Kingston site for the possible memory configurations that model Dell can deal with and install the maximum and fastest memory your wallet can afford to buy.
3) Set your virtual memory to a static size and stop Windows from managing it on the fly. I generally set a static to 3 times the physical size, however if you have say 8 gig you can probably set the virtual size lower and have no problems.