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Why does Windows 7 64-bit stop responding?

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OldER Mycroft

There is always the possibility that the inclusion of the Ready Boost into the mix, perhaps altered the size of the Pagefile (usually between 1.5 - 2.0 times the size of available RAM).

If your Pagefile is 1.5 times 5GB and then you remove 2GB (or thereabouts) from the available RAM, the system might object. To be perfectly honest other than the theory of the principle, I've never so much as touched a machine with Ready Boost - I've usually just upped the system RAM internally.

Where did you find the reference for "the Windows recommended usage of dedicating 1805 MB for optimal performance" - that doesn't bring it anywhere near the Microsoft factor of 1:1 - 2.5:1?

As for TuneUp Utilities 2010, I've not heard of it until now. What is reported by the Trouble-Shooting utilities within this very pack? Do they detect anything wrong with your system?