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Why does XP page apps it doesn't need to?

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except "go ask mommy."

Way back in W-95 days, I had a system with 32M RAM, and it ran fine with a 64M pagefile.

So I upgraded it to 128M - and because (32 + 64) < 128, I figured I wouldn't need to use paging at all. After all, everything was fine in 96M total.

The system wouldn't even boot with paging disabled with 128M RAM. I asked MS why, and was told "that's the way it works. You must have a pagefile."

So - "that's the way it works."

And if you don't like that answer, go ask mommy.


Way-way back in Win-3 days, the way to get screaming system performance was to upgrade physical RAM and disable paging.

You haven't been able to do that for the last 15 years or 8 versions of Windows.

I agree, it's stupid. But "that's the way it works."