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why is DVD-RW on Lenovo G570 not able to read CDs and DVDs?

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A probleim like this usually could be as a result of one of two things.

1. Software
2. Hardware

With regards to software, if youre seeing the devive in "my computer" or even the BIOS chances are that the device is set up correctly and the machine can recocognize it. Software issues ususally mean faulty ot incorrect drivers in which case it run a repair or restore You can do a resinstall of the driver by going through "device manager". Make sure it is the exact driver for the device,

For hardware related issues maybe dust got on the read head preventing it from reading the disc which is in it. Use one of these disc cleaners. Im also assuming that youve used different media which you are "sure works". If this does not work then more that likely its a defective drive in which case needs replacing.

Good Luck