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Why is my new graphics card causing my computer to reboot?

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OH Smeg

The most obvious is an incompatibility between the Chip Set of the New Video Card and the M'Board. This is a bit of a misnomer though as I've seen some Video Cards cause a system to not start and then another Video Card from a different Maker but with the same Chip Set work perfectly in the same computer.

Here it's generally the way that the Maker sets up the Video Cards Features and what they use and what they do not use.

The other thing may very well be the Power Supply is overtaxed. 350W is a bit on the Low Side unless you have a Brand Name PS like Antec which is the equivalent to a 500W No Name PS. The easy way to check a PS is to pull it out and if it's heavy it's better than one that is light as the light one doesn't have the ability to produce High Wattages consistently.