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Why is my new graphics card causing my computer to reboot?

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By the sounds of it your question really doesnt have a single simple answer, there seems to be numerous problems and all entirely in different directions as to why you are having these rebooting and dead video cards issues.
Rebooting is often caused by bad drivers or over heating.
If your system reboots fully back into windows heat the probable cause.
Slowing windows again runs into a few areas.
If you get a BSOD then it could be a bad driver or a mismatch / hardware incompatibility somewhere or a failing hardware component.

To start with how you insert a video card/s may cause a short or discharge off your body,
that in turn may have caused a problem on your motherboard
If there is swollen capacitors on the mobo >check with a torch> then your system is definately dying and the more load > Games and stuff increases it.
if there is large amounts of dust inside the case or on the fans heatsink etc.that will cause heat.
there could be dust inside the dimms where you insert the video card, possible cause of damage dead video cards
not enough power to provide a balanced system will shorten the life of your hard drive/processor.
Under these circumstances I would recomend to you to take the system to a professional and have it thoroughly tested and checked.
If it is againg may even be the hard drive itself.
Around 3 years of age it requires a major maintinence and cleanup if never performed,
more than 3 years of age I'd start looking into all the hardware, and outdated drivers.
New hard drives can come cheap so don't measure up for performance.
They need defragging.
How old is your system?