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Why is my new graphics card causing my computer to reboot?

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I realize I'm answering to old post here, but in case anyone else finds this page and my comment could help, I had a lot of troubleshooting in regards to Win Vista installing and running in regards to this issue. My system would auto-reboot or crash dump every 5 to 15 minutes. I went through just about every possible scenario, including bad RAM, bad HD, bad power supply, etc. After swapping each of those around with others I had in another system and still having the issue, I decided to read a little bit of the blue screen of death to pick up on any clues. It suggested that the video card might be bad. Since I was using the integrated video card on my Asus motherboard, I thought I'd see if it was a video driver issue. So, I installed Ubuntu on the same exact hardware to see if it did the same thing. If it did, it would be a hardware failure, if not, it would be a software. Ubuntu ran flawlessly with no crashes. SO, moral of the story, if you are having automatic rebooting and and blue screens every 15 minutes or so, it's most likely coming from poor communication between the OS and the video card. Update the driver, the OS, or, if you can, switch from MS **** to a new Linux distro and enjoy your computer Hope this helps someone.