Why is Outlook 2010 Calendar viewed as plain text?

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Why is Outlook 2010 Calendar viewed as plain text?


I have a weird one here. When a user receives Calendar invites and opens up the meeting in mail to accept it, they see the email in a html format it appears, which is how its set by default to view. After the appointment is accepted and the user goes to calendar to view the accepted meeting, the format is changed, almost like a plain text format.

the formatting and the custom excel tables that were there when the message first came in, but after accepting and opening in calendar it is defaulted back to plain text i am assuming. I cannot find any settings in calendar that would do this. Any ideas?

I also tried sending the same message to another PC with 2010 Outlook, appears with no issue, also tried creating a different meeting just to make sure the message was not corrupt, still with no luck.

any help would be appreciated