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Why Nokia is not using android OS

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At the beginning of the 21st century, MOBILE PHONES come in to the stage. Nokia , Sony , Ericsson, etc was the leading manufactures. Most of the companies manufactured high quality products. They used good plastics etc. On the course of time Nokia become the leading manufacturer and is considered as the undisputed leader. The victory of the company was because of its high build quality products and reasonable price.

But during the time of 2005 the company started their tyrant policy. "What ever the leader provide people will accept it".(The flagship models showed a some extent of good quality. But the low-medium end devices were just a piece of crap). The company cut down their cost of plastics, chips and everything to increase their profits. (Other manufacturers like Sony Ericsson, Samsung(To some extent) etc. kept on using high quality raw materials. Because they were all over in electronics. If someone say a Sony phone is crap it will affect on all their products too). The service centers of Nokia's became a dispute settling centers during the years 2006-2010. Customers throwing their wrecked phones at the service centers were a common scene. Nokia made millions of replacements of the entire product itself. Most of the people in our society is always want to go with the crowd, and chose Nokias.

One of the greatest thing of this company was its introduction of Symbian OS. And when apple launched the IOS, Nokia filed many patent infringment. And on 2011 Nokia won the case and Apple had to pay money to Nokia, for every piece they sell.

Then came the Android OS, which was bought by google from a company. The IOS and Android had many similiar things in all aspect, and someone who can observe can tell that Android is a copy of IOS. But the Android OS is powered by the greatest brain in the software industry. And patent infiltration of Android to IOS was rare to be found.

So, Nokia thought they can sue Android like they did in IOS case, and they avoided Android and signed up, a 5 year (1 billilon) Agreement with Windows to make windows phone. Actually windows scr**wed Nokia by make them believe its gonna be OK. And the "PAST LEADER" of the mobile Industry belived thier Motto ""What ever the leader provide people will accept it", but world proved it's wrong.