Win 2003 Server Partition Size

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Win 2003 Server Partition Size

Okay, I am configuring a server (windows 2003 Server) for a growing companies branch office. The branch office will have 12-15 computers with a user per computer and 1 network shared printer

The server will perform as a domain controller, & file and print server all in one. Word documents will be the majority of files that will be shared and stored on the DC.

Here's my question, I'm planning to do RAID 1 mirror with 2 80gb SATA HDD'S (Hardware RAID). How much space should I set aside for the Windows 2003 boot partition. Whatever's left over will be used for log files and file storage for users.

Am I shooting myself in the foot with any or all parts of this config? Is the hard drive storage to small(appx. 3gb per user)?, Is there a better RAID config that's reasonable and is fault tolerant?

I still have time to change the config on the server because it hasn't shipped yet. So if anybody has anything useful, please share.