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***************Windows*************** ***************2008*************** ***************R2*************** ***************Server***************- ***************active*************** ***************directory*************** ***************users**************

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Hi. Thanks for the replies. I have tried all your suggestions. Clearing Dns cache returns the error : command failed. RPC_S_Server_Unavailable. The Dns definitely is stopped and trying to restart it returns the error: windows could not start the dns server service on local computer. Error 14: not enough storage is available to complete this operation. Of course its not an issue of storage as the hard drive had 115gb free. The server is set as a local domain so the DNS settings are configured to, and it was connecting to the internet a month ago. The ip addresses have not been changed and the yes one can ping other network gadgets from this server and can also ping this server from other computers. Not sure about system restore as this is a Windows 2008 server. I will try to run service pack in the meantime but if you can think of anything else to try plz do help with suggestions. Thanks.