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Windows 8 Pro - Bluetooth & Wifi Buttons

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This is to save Battery Power from being wasted and allow you to use the Notebook longer when It is running on Battery.

You need to remember that Notebooks are sold as Portable Devices and are expected to be moved around not sat on a desk and used like a Desktop.

All of the NB's I've ever dealt with required that their WiFi and Bluetooth needed to be turned on by the user not switched on by default leaving the unit exposed to the potential to Hack them and waste battery power. Notebooks are not Tablets or Cell Phones which are Unsecured by default and require user intervention to make partially secure.

I do not believe that it's possible to have the device turn it's Wireless devices on by default but you can check the Owners Manual for any directions here guide_en-us.pdf

edited to add TR is currently breaking the Links so you'll need to copy the entire link and paste it into a Web Browsers address bar for things to take you to the User Manual