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Windows cannot access \\tp-server?

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Windows does some behind-the-scenes user access nonsense, and sometimes it can create headaches. You think you are logging on with a set of credentials, but Windows decides to use something else instead. This is particularly true if the password for your userid is different on the remote machine than on the local machine.

One work-around I have been able to use sometimes is to access the same server using its IP address: If "myserver" is at address, then it may be referenced either as

sometimes this will give you a second chance at the access restrictions.

Also, since you said access has been granted to "everyone", use credentials for a different user on the remote machine, e.g. if you are signed on your machine as "user_a" try the "connect as different user" option and specify "user_b" for the remote machine.

Finally, I have also had problems with a password mistake when accessing remote machines. You put in a different password the second try and it doesn't work. When all else fails, reboot and try again.

Oh, and did I mention, "when all else fails, reboot and try again."

and if that doesn't work, try rebooting.