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Windows cannot access \\tp-server?

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outside of the obvious of trying \\ or whatever ... does the windows machine itself have "File and Print sharing for microsoft networks" checked/enabled for the network adapters? (under network connections, right click your network adapters and go to properties and verify)

also, if i recall correctly, XP SP2 had some weird new firewall limitations that blocked a lot of stuff by default. Namely, I think by default the firewall blocks incoming Fire/Print sharing and you have to explicitly go in and modify the firewall policy to allow it, under the Exceptions tab. run wscui.cpl and check. You'll also need to add exceptions for the ports that SQL server uses. Though personally, I would outright disable Windows firewall at least until you've verified everything as functional. I feel like in SP3 they rolled back some of the firewall restrictions (also, is there a reason you aren't running at least SP3?)

(And uhh, you're running a production SQL server on a windows XP SP2 box? ...for a business?)