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Windows could not startmissing or corrupt windows xp system32 config system

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i can't reply on our discussion.

i assume you already told that you don't have CD/DVD ROOM,

but Repairing is one of the safest method of repairing the System32.

but it doesn't give 100% assurance that it might re install the System32

some of the instances it will be 50/50 weather it will be repaired or not.

Here's the Steps on how to Repair:

1. put the Installer Run it as 1st booting device.

2. After checking the Existing O.S which is your OS who has your System32.

3. you will be given to choose from [R - repair , F8 - windows agreement]
3.1. choose F8 then just follow or choose "i agree".

4. it is the time you will encounter again the R- repair now press it.

5. just wait for the repairing to finish.

take note it is 50/50 option ok?

but the best way to back up your files is what i told you earlier with the
"Slave thing"