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Windows is not starting

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Follow these easy steps to restore the damaged/corrupted or missing hal.dll file from the Windows XP CD using the Recovery Console.

1. Enter Windows XP Recovery Console.

( To enter Recovery Console in Windows XP, you will need to boot from the Windows XP CD.

A. Watch for a "Press any key to boot from CD".

B. Press a key to force the computer to boot from the Windows CD. If you do not press a key, your PC will continue to boot to the Windows XP installation that's currently installed on your hard drive. If this happens, simply reboot and try to boot to the Windows XP CD again.)

2. When you reach the command line prompt, type the following and then press Enter:

expand d:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32

Using the expand command as shown above, "d" represents the drive letter assigned to the optical drive that your Windows XP CD is currently in. While this is most often d, your system could assign a different letter. Also, c:\windows represents the drive and folder that Windows XP is currently installed on. Again, this is most often the case but your system could be different.

3. If you're prompted to overwrite the file, press Y.

4. Take out the Windows XP CD, type exit and then press Enter to restart your PC.